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Since 1984, the Center has offered southern Californians a variety of approaches to soul-tending. Our special focus is the marriage of spirituality and the psychology of C.G.Jung. Now, thanks to the worldwide web--what a wondrous image!--we can invite many more guests to this online Center. We hope you'll sample our offerings.


Soul Food

Our Soul Food is not the mouth-watering sort served at table, but food for the spirit.

Soul Food Archive: A collection of earlier Soul Food menus.

Click on the map » enlarge this "Soulscape," one of the offerings from from the Archive.

Round Table Conversations:  

Our current topic is Spiritual Astrology,
as we catch up with new paradigms for this
ancient art from the worlds of theology, physics
and psychology.  Astrology reclaimed for its
original purpose is, we find, rich food for the soul.


Center staff members have authored a variety of books and articles.
All are designed to be practical aids for everyday seekers of the holy.

Please see our Printed Works listings for these additional resources.


The Center for Sacred Psychology was founded by poetry therapist Thomas M. Hedberg and art therapist Betsy Caprio, joined over the years by a network of other psychotherapists, spiritual directors, and supervisors interested in the marriage of spirituality and the psychology of C.G.Jung.

Offered here are aids to psychospiritual growth, including basic Jungian topics such as dreamwork, spiritual traditions of the world, fairy tales and mythology, Sandplay, journaling, examples of the archetypes in modern dress from popular culture and world news, and the publication of original eBooks, including The Legends of Mary's Girlhood and The Stories of Holy Longing.

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This website offers materials to complement other aspects of viewers' spiritual practice.  They are not meant as a substitute for appropriate counseling, psychotherapy, or analytic work.







Our first eBook, The Legends of Mary's Girlhood, can be purchased with PayPal and downloaded. Please sample the FREE Introduction, which describes how this archetypal story--so like our own stories--fell through a crack in religious history. These legends create a bridge between the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, and are illustrated with an array of beautiful 14th century art. Can be read online or printed out. Download the Introduction.

Stories of Holy Longing

The Picture Lover's Legacy: The Last Journal of
Arthur O. Ross

A memorial volume fashioned by the family and friends of Arthur O. Ross, whose passage from this life was sudden and unexpected. Included are an account of his tragic death, his last journal pages (which hint at what was to come), tributes and much more. A work of fiction; can be read online or printed out.
Download Contents page.

The Picture Heirs: Cherishing the Holy Longing

With this third eBook, Arthur O. Ross concludes his spiritual memoir—well-aware that the journey has just begun. In this title, he and a colleague seek out more icons, and Orthodox church floor plans and architectural details as inspiration for their own artwork. Maps and a cartoon series are included, as well as excerpts from Arthur’s spiritual director’s letters. Can be read online or printed out. Download sample pages.

The Picture Tenders: Embracing the Holy Longing

Arthur O.Ross (pseud.), self-described as “spiritual but not religious,” continues his spiritual autobiography begun in The Picture Collectors. A work of fiction, filled with icons, vintage graphics and original artwork. Download sample pages.

The Picture Collectors: A Story of Holy Longing

A pictorial work of fiction about a Jungian psychotherapist who, with the help of a spiritual director, explores his longing for "something more."
Download sample pages.

Our eBooks and eCourses are suitable for discussion groups & book clubs.














NEW! Our eCourses--formerly offered in interactive group format--are now available for Independent Study by individuals! Click here for details.

We’re translating some of the many presentations held at the Center into distance-learning “eCourses.” Material for each eCourse can be read onscreen (Mac or PC) and, also, saved in a file or printed out for permanent reference.

Our electronic courses offer Illustrated sessions in pdf format, including leads for active imagination and prayer to help integrate the material into daily life.

#1 The Lady & The Dragon -- an eight-session immersion in a worldwide folklore motif which mirrors the human soul. What wisdom do the old tales on this theme—and their modern popular culture counterparts—hold for today’s seekers? Surprisingly, the ladies and dragons picture a developmental map for both men and women.
#2 MAPS & THE CARTOGRAPHY OF THE SOUL --a nine-session visual exploration of old and new geographic maps, and their correspondences to the terrain of the soul or psyche. As without, so within. Maps tell us where we're going and how to get there, where there are pitfalls and what other possibilities await us.