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Radha and Krishna
Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade
Western India, 19th century*

Desserts & Snacks can come in spiritual flavors. There are times when the hearty meal or novel fare just doesn't appeal to our taste buds. Instead, we hunger for small after-dinner tidbits, simple comfort food, the treats of childhood. Here are some assorted tasty morsels and indulgences for times of spiritual play (and, no calories!).

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This is a version of the Lord’s Prayer written in Arabic.  Start at the top of the middle circle and read clockwise—or, if you don’t read Arabic, try tracing the calligraphy with your finger or a pencil, just to get the feel of the lettering.  Copying and tracing are said to refine the soul (in several world faiths, including both Judaism and Islam). 
The Qur’an (Koran) explains that writing is a gift bestowed by God.  Since Islam does not use visual pictures, its adherents have developed many beautiful variations of the 28 Arabic letters, and decorative writing is considered one of the highest art forms of the Muslim world.*
Arab Christians throughout the Middle East and other parts of the world might have a mandala such as this in their homes or churches.
Some questionsWhen I look at this picture with its beautiful calligraphy, does it give me a sense of the holy?  If the words of the prayer were in English—or my native tongue—would that increase or decrease the spiritual effectiveness of the design?





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Only recently have I become aware that there are Arabic Christians--I thought all people of Arabic heritage were Muslims. This 'dessert' picture has enlightened me, and my next stop is some research on the Arabic Christians. Thanks.
Niagara Falls, NY


* Credits for this page:

~ Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade, Western India, 19th century

~  We are unable to find the source of this mandala.  See for examples and references on calligraphy such as this.


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