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Soul Food Archive: Desserts & Snacks

Radha and Krishna
Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade
Western India, 19th century*

Desserts & Snacks can come in spiritual flavors. There are times when the hearty meal or novel fare just doesn't appeal to our taste buds. Instead, we hunger for small after-dinner tidbits, simple comfort food, the treats of childhood. Here are some assorted tasty morsels and indulgences for times of spiritual play (and, no calories!).

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Every so often, we come across a picture that stops us in our tracks—who hasn’t had such experiences?  Here’s one we found recently, which we offer to our viewers.  The artist’s statement will be found below*…but, before reading it, why not let the painting speak to you without explanation (in other words, let it be a screen that elicits your reactions)?

Any time we’re caught up short by an image, we have a good opportunity to learn something about ourselves, such as:

Looking carefully, what do I find in this painting?
What is it about this picture that speaks to me—if anything?
Does it have a message for me?
Can I find myself in the picture?


   We like to keep a folder of 'soul-pictures' that seem to have been sent (not by accident), along with our reflections on them….just as one keeps a log of dream images.


We're interested in ways this Soul Food may have touched your life.

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I grew up in the 4 Corners area, red rock canyon country, land of the Anasazy cliff dwellings, Navaho, Zuni, Hopi cultures. This painting reaches deep in my childhood memories growing up surrounded by these cultures, appreciating, and loving their beauty and spiritual mystery. This painting catches all of it. Thanks.


This kind of art really speaks to me, not only because of its beauty but also because it continues to reveal unseen things the more one looks at it. It presents a good lesson in looking carefully. Thanks for posting it.
el paso, tx



* Credits for this page:

~ Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade, Western India, 19th century

~ Red Dream: The Return from the Long Walk #2, by Navajo artist W.B.Franklin of Arizona (1996; acrylics on canvas, 40”x34”).  His comments:
            This painting shows a people’s return to their origins.  It is a return to harmony and beauty with the environment, the earth and the creatures who inhabit their homeland.   I’ve tried to portray the warrior spirit that willed them to survive with courage, dignity, and a certain compassion for one another after having shared a long ordeal.
About his work in general, Franklin states:
            My paintings involve lines, forms, splashes, color, my imagination, and my thoughts pertaining to our history, stories, spirit and the midnight realizations as they are envisioned. 

Used with kind permission of the artist.  (Work originally published by Indigena Fine Art Publishers Ltd., Tuscon, AZ)


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