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A Soulscape, or Map of the Inner Terrain, Summer 2009

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deep well home mountaintop dark cave swamp bridge oasis rough waters smooth waters lighthouse desert volcano castle mine shaft & tunnel burial ground portal twisting path whirlpool deep hole briar patch strong fences mysterious place cultivated fields clear skies river rocky ground sacred space stormy weather hollow tree waterfall garden dark forest

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It is good to have playful areas on a website about serious things.


Where do we go from our chosen starting points on the map? Betsy starts from the cottage and Tana from the stone circle.
Betsy and Tana

Dear Betsy and Tana, What a good question! Since there is no one-way path, each of us starts from wherever we are drawn, then moves to whatever calls out next. So, one day, you might be at home in the cottage--and the next, in the swamp--and the next, heading toward the lighthouse. In other words, we each create our own path, trusting that we are being guided along the way. Thanks for asking, and Saleen, thanks for your affirmation. Blessings to you all.
The Center Staff
Los Angeles




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