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Soul Food Archive: Desserts & Snacks

Radha and Krishna
Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade
Western India, 19th century*

Desserts & Snacks can come in spiritual flavors. There are times when the hearty meal or novel fare just doesn't appeal to our taste buds. Instead, we hunger for small after-dinner tidbits, simple comfort food, the treats of childhood. Here are some assorted tasty morsels and indulgences for times of spiritual play (and, no calories!).

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We want to share this picture just for fun—it made us laugh!  That in itself makes it worthwhile.  However, might there be a deeper reason for regarding it—something to do with how much alike are humans and their environments? 
And a question:

What experiences have I had that mirror the world around me—or, vice versa, when did the natural world mirror me? (For example: the thunderstorm that broke just at a heavy moment in my life; the rainbow that appeared as a confirmation of some decision; the appearance of an animal out of nowhere, jogging me out of my everyday consciousness…so many other possibilities.)





We're interested in ways this Soul Food may have touched your life.

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* Credits for this page:

~ Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade, Western India, 19th century

~ This picture was sent to us by a friend, who got it from another friend—all without accreditation.  We will gladly acknowledge source and photographer once discovered.  Please contact us via the comments section if you have information. Thanks.


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