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Radha and Krishna
Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade
Western India, 19th century*

Desserts & Snacks can come in spiritual flavors. There are times when the hearty meal or novel fare just doesn't appeal to our taste buds. Instead, we hunger for small after-dinner tidbits, simple comfort food, the treats of childhood. Here are some assorted tasty morsels and indulgences for times of spiritual play (and, no calories!).

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Imagine: you’ve been cycling alongside this lake—or is it a shallow river?—in an Amsterdam park.  You stop to sit on the bench, facing the gently floating Buddhas in the water.  What are your thoughts? your questions? your feelings? 
Or—does the scene move you beyond words into just being here?  Are there places in your neighborhood that cast a similar spell?

A question: am I content to let some scenes remain mysterious?…or do I feel compelled to ask “How did they do that?”




We're interested in ways this Soul Food may have touched your life.

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If I were on this park bench, I think I might find myself facing multiples of myself in the Buddhas. That is, there's not just one reminder of my Buddha-nature, but many--lest I forget. Lovely picture. Thanks!
kansas city, mo



* Credits for this page:

~ Radha and Krishna Feeding Each Other in the Glade, Western India, 19th century

~ “Wax Peace Buddha,” artist unknown, photographed by Ellen Danenhower Coyler, 1996, in Vondel Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  From BUDDHA BOOK by Frank Olinsky, introduction by Robert A. Thurman.  Text © 1997 by Frank Olinsky and the Buddhist Ray.  Gratefully used with permission from Chronicle Books LLC, San Francisco.


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