Center for Sacred Psychology

Policies and Permissions...

The information on our website is shared freely with those who may find it of value.  Most is original material created by our Center staff.  Text quotations of 200 words or less may be used in print form without permission.  However, because of copyright considerations, we request that anyone wishing to reproduce (in any medium) text, charts, maps or collages from this website, other than for individual personal use, contact the Center at Box 643, Gateway Station, Culver City, CA 90232-0643.  Please let us know what use you have in mind for any quantity reproduction; we are happy to consent to most requests, especially for educational purposes.

For any quotations from website text and any reprintings, please include a credit line of attribution with the address of both this website and the web designer.  A reasonable permission fee will be asked for quantity reproduction.

Licensing of Artworks

Unfortunately, because of ownership of some of the artworks on this site, the beautiful works of art on our Soul Food pages, and the artwork in the free download of the Introduction to our eBook, The Legends of Mary's Girlhood, cannot be reproduced.  We have contracted with and paid permission fees to the legal owners of these works for a one-time use, licensed solely for a limited period of time on this website.  Our eBooks include a detailed letter describing our agreements with the museums and licensing agencies from which we have purchased rights to reproduce the fine art included in these works.

We acknowledge with deep appreciation that the high cost of licensing picture permissions is made possible by a gift from the late Bess Adele Whitworth of Virginia and North Carolina.

(Every effort has been made to discover ownership of art and text excerpts used on this website.  Permissions are pending on a few items whose ownership we are unable to ascertain.  We will be grateful for any information about art or text whose sources have as yet been unverified and are therefore unacknowledged.)