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THE PICTURE HEIRS: Cherishing the Holy Longing by Arthur O. Ross

(The last of three books in a series)

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THE PICTURE TENDERS by Betsy Caprio Hedberg

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Length: 82 pages, richly illustrated with vintage graphics, sacred art, maps, original collages, cartoons. A work of fiction; scribe and picture researcher, Betsy Caprio Hedberg, Center for Sacred Psychology.

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Readers of The Picture Collectors: A Story of Holy Longing and its sequel, The Picture Tenders: Embracing the Holy Longing, will remember Arthur, our L.A. psychotherapist whose life is changing…outwardly and inwardly. Art, as he’s called, is self-described as “spiritual but not religious.” In this final hand-crafted eBook, Art continues his memoirs with visual journaling, and finds a new spiritual director (whose wisdom is passed on to Arthur’s readers). He further embraces artmaking as a prayerful Way to the Holy, and continues to muse about the place of institutional religion in his life.

As Arthur explores sacred art and architecture of Orthodox Christian churches, a tale of 13thc. artwork stolen from a tiny Byzantine chapel on Cyprus emerges to reflect and clarify his own spiritual journey. More than ever, Art has begun to cherish the Holy Longing—he writes to articulate this gift for himself, and to witness to it for others. Readers will not be surprised to find that, as in previous episodes, an old family relic—this time, an antique wooden button box—appears and is involved in Arthur’s quest, as are beautiful sacred art, maps, original artwork, and even a cartoon series.

In the Appendices: A survey of Precepts of Sacred Artmaking, designed for those who include art work in their spiritual practice; further history of the Cyprus stolen art treasures; Questions from earlier readers, with responses—and photos of Arthur O. Ross and others; and two pages of Questions for Reflection for readers, study groups and book clubs (live and in online chat rooms).

Study Groups and Book Clubs (live and online) formed by readers of Arthur O. Ross’ memoirs, find in all three titles:

• An example of spiritual autobiography—a template readers themselves can use.

• A wealth of Christian history—especially that of the ancient Middle Eastern churches.

• Color reproductions of sacred art and architecture of many Orthodox cultures.

• A primer of Jungian terminology, developmental concepts, and ‘Inner Work.’

• Illustration of different practices to enhance prayer life: sample visual journal pages, artmaking, dreamwork, Sandplay, active imagination with inner figures, popular culture examples of archetypes, folklore, music—and sessions with a spiritual guide.

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