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eCOURSE #2— Maps & the Cartography of the Soul

A richly illustrated survey of maps from many times and places—those of early explorers
and up-to-date atlases, altered maps, maps of vanished lands and peoples, propaganda
maps, treasure maps, fantasy maps, dreamscapes and much more.
In each, we'll find hidden clues about mapping our own inner terrains—along with
maps from present-day spiritual seekers who've become cartographers of the soul.

As without, so within.


On his return from the heart of Africa in 1926, C.G.Jung commented how unfortunate it was that travel to "the dark continent" had become so easy. Why? Because after such a trip the traveler might think, "Well, now I've been to deepest Africa..." and, thus, never travel to the dark continent within. For Jung, of course, this dark continent was the unexplored human psyche or soul.
Are there maps of the soul that can aid inner travelers? Yes—for there have ever been those who've sought to depict the invisible in visible, cartographic form. We'll find

Maps of the Soul's Life,
                      Maps of the Soul's Home, and
                             Maps of the Soul's Journey.

Our hope: that the outer maps will help us discover unknown places within ourselves (like the terra incognita of the early explorers), gain consciousness about our interior landscapes...and even become soul-cartographers of our personal geography.

Pre-requisite: A little humility (and even a sense of the ridiculous!) as we attempt to chart that which is beyond charting!


~ Center Guides and Authors: Thomas and Betsy Caprio Hedberg (see About the Center). A link to the guides—for comments and questions about the material--will be sent with the eCourse.

~ Cost: $15, through PayPal (see purchase information below). This covers course production expenses and picture permission fees.

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~ Credits? None. Because the Center is not an academic institution, but an "oasis spot" for individual personal enrichment, we do not offer credits. However, each eCourse is designed and facilitated by staff members with decades of experience in education, psychotherapy and spiritual direction. Our eCourses fit easily into viewers' self-designed independent study programs.


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Hi, I noticed your advertisement in a recent Presence magazine and was fascinated by Spiritual Astrology as there aren't many Christian outlets that embrace this path. Is there more information I can read online about spiritual astrology? I was particularly intrigued by the article on Medieval Alchemists (I've just ordered the back issue to read it). Are you on Twitter as I'd like to add you on mine? Unfortunately I'm not on FaceBook but am an SDI spiritual director. Every blessing.
Yoda Christou

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